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Biomedical Sciences


Known as the “research side of medicine”, this programme is all about sickness and health

Learn how the human body works and find out how diseases develop and how medication works, so you can help prevent or cure diseases in the future.

The bachelor’s programme in Biomedical Sciences is taught at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences.


Each study programme at the campus is health-related, and the classrooms are only a stone’s throw away from the academic hospital and the UM Sports Centre.

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What can you do once you’ve graduated from the programme in Biomedical Sciences? Are all students Dutch or are there also students from other countries? And what kind of education do you get as a Biomedical Sciences student?


“We teach you how the wonderful machine that is called the human body works”, says biomedical scientist Roger Godschalk. How? “Mainly by teaching you to solve real-life problems within small teams of students, and to conduct experiments and data analysis in a ‘wet’ lab.”


In the video below, Roger and Biomedical Sciences student Frosia tell you more about this and also address other topics, such as career opportunities.

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This programme offers you a solid foundation for a successful future. Learn more about the programme at UM.

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