Brain Science (ENG)

The bachelor’s programme in short:


You will discover how the brain works, how to improve the brain’s health and how to treat diseases of the central nerves system.


You will be trained to think as a brain scientist, a fast, transdisciplinary scientist who combines knowledge and skills from the fields of psychology, biology and computational science.

This bachelor’s programme is for you if you…


• Want to become a wide-ranging, transdisciplinary scientist on the human brain

• Enjoy solving complex scientific questions that include biology, math, programming and psychology

• Want to understand the human brain better and aspire to improve the brain’s health and to develop new treatment for brain illness

Your future career


Most Brain Science alumni will do a master study before getting on the job market. Graduates with their unique background can work in different jobs such as: brain researcher, neuroimaging specialist, brain stimulation engineer, AI specialist, medical devices product developer and so on.


Possible subsequent master’s programmes include:


• Research master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience

• Systems Biology

• Biomedical Sciences

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