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Brain Science

Unlock the power of the brain and study its complexities from different perspectives

This study is tailor-made for curious minds eager to explore the intersections of psychology, biology, and computational science

The human brain may look like a simple mass of jelly, but it actually is an amazingly complex network made up of billions of neurons and other cells. This network is responsible for how we experience and interact with the world.

Are you curious how the brain perceives, feels, remembers, and behaves? Do you want to discover how habits and lifestyle choices can be implemented to improve brain health? Do you want to contribute to better treatments for brain diseases, like dementia and Alzheimer’s?

If so, embark on a fascinating academic journey with this unique bachelor’s programme, Brain Science.

It will train you to become a versatile scientist with a broad understanding of the human brain and its intricate workings.

This three-year bachelor’s programme starts in September 2024.

Taught in English, it offers a new, transdisciplinary approach to understanding the human brain.

The innovative programme gives you the hard and soft skills for a career in university, healthcare, and health industry. And the tools to contribute to solutions to mental health and society as a whole.

Brain Science is a collaboration between:

  • Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

  • Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

  • Faculty of Science and Engineering

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Please note that admission of new students is limited (numerus fixus). The application deadline is 15 January 2024.

Questions about your application? fpn-bacheloradmissions@maastrichtuniversity.nl

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