Circular Engineering


Develop innovative engineering solutions for a sustainable future

Develop the skills and mindset to optimise both new and existing products, processes and services to enhance circularity in industry and society.

The programme trains a new generation of engineers: the circular engineer who combines a passion for engineering with a drive to contribute to a more sustainable future.


Circular engineers thrive in a multidisciplinary ecosystem.


This new type of hands-on engineers combine in-depth technical knowledge with strong social skills. These include teamwork, communication and a solid understanding of the impact of innovations on society.

This programme started in September 2021. More in this video.

More about Circular Engineering at UM

You can tailor your curriculum to your own needs, interest and career goals.


In year 3 you choose to specialise in Circular Chemical Engineering, Sustainable Biotechnology or Engineering Physics.


Throughout the curriculum, there are strong interactions with industry, especially at the Brightlands campuses. You gain hands on experience and you get to work in our state-of-the-art engineering labs.

Circular Engineering is part of the UM Faculty of Science and Engineering, which is housed in a newly renovated building in Randwijck at Paul Henri Spaaklaan 1.


Scroll down and have a look at the faculty area.


Please note that the video will be updated shortly as it still features rooms from our previous building.

Do your bit for a healthy planet and a strong economy for current and future generations as you develop technical solutions for industry and society.


Learn more about the programme.