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Dutch Law (ENG)

The bachelor’s programme in short


In the Dutch Law programme, you’ll learn how Dutch society is structured and gain extensive knowledge of Dutch law, as well as European and international regulations that are relevant to the Dutch legal system.

This bachelor’s programme is for you if you…


• If you have an interest in current societal developments,

• If you enjoy analysing cases and finding solutions,

• If you aspire to pursue a legal profession or hold a legal position within a (inter)national company.

Your future career


The study of Law combined with a master’s degree opens doors to regulated professions such as lawyer, public prosecutor, and judge, as well as to various organisations, banks, and ministries.


Possible master’s programmes include:


• Nederlands Recht
• Forensics, Criminology, and Law
• Recht en Arbeid

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More about Dutch Law at Maastricht University.

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