Economics and Business Economics


Economics is the science of choice, while business economics deals with specific problems within companies

Apart from studying economic theory, you will develop analytical and professional skills. This will make you well-qualified to advise businesses, consumers and policy-makers.

The bachelor’s programme is taught at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics. The faculty’s main building is located in the historic heart of Maastricht, as you will see in the next video.

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Economics is the science of choice at all levels, from private consumers to the public domain of governments and international organisations. Business economics is about solving specific problems within companies. Understanding the choices that all these players make is key in today’s globalising world.


So, what makes our bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Economics stand out?


Professor Rachel Pownall has the answer in this video. It also features students Kylen ten Hove and Tom Bour, who explain why they chose the programme.

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Economics looks at the interaction between governments, businesses and individuals within the economy. It’s a social science. Learn more about the programme at UM.

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