BSc Economics and Business Economics

The bachelor’s programme in short:


• Learn how the economy works and the role of important institutions such as markets, governments, banks, and businesses

• Understand the core pillars of businesses (e.g. organisation, marketing, finance, accounting)

• Choose in which direction (economics, or business) to specialise after getting a firm basis in both

• Specialisation available (Economics, Economics and Management of Information, International Business Economics and Emerging Markets)

This bachelor’s programme is for you if you…


• want to get to the bottom of complex economic and societal problems from inflation to climate change;

• want to understand what makes a business successful and how business decisions are made;

• have an affinity for analytical thinking including the use of math and statistics;

• are curious about the underlying causes of economic and business news

• are not sure whether you prefer economics or business as your future career

Your future career


• In large multinationals, SMEs, multinational organisations, major financial institutions, accounting firms, government and non-profit organisations, etc.

• In strategic, advisory or consultancy roles, management and market research positions, IT planning and policy making in either the private or public sector

• In research departments at universities, (inter)governmental organisations, financial institutions, or NGOs

• Depends on the specialisations and electives you choose within the program, so you can modify you career trajectory while you learn about business, economics, and yourself

Scroll down and tour the buildings where you’ll be studying. Take over the controls and have a look inside.

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