BA European Studies

The bachelor’s programme in short:


Understand Europe from various perspectives. Contribute to the future of Europe by analysing the political, historic, social, cultural, economic and legal aspects of the European external and internal contexts.

This bachelor’s programme is for you if you…


• Have a broad interdisciplinary interest in European culture, history, economy and politics.

• Want to find solutions for complex problems such as: migratory and intercultural challenges, climate change, environmental sustainability, human rights and freedom.

• Want to help develop policies that affirm Europe as a world leader in these fields.

• Have a critical and inquisitive mind and are eager to contribute to Europe’s development.

Your future career


After graduation, you can continue a master’s programme, or find work in a wide range of jobs and organisations.


For example, as a:


• Civil servant or policy advisor at a European institution or public administration, at regional, national or European level.

• Lobbyist or public affairs advisor for an NGO, (public) interest organisation or commercial business.

• Consultant or manager in all policy domains where the European/ international dimension is leading.

• Teacher or researcher in the academic world.

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