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International Business


Learn more about the strategy, resources and management required to run a business.

You’ll gain practical and international experience by spending a semester studying abroad, getting in touch with real companies at ‘business days’, doing research projects or following an internship.

The bachelor’s programme in International Business is taught at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics, right in the historic heart of the city.


What makes a good manager? What advertising strategies should you use? How do you set prices? In this programme, you’ll learn how people, managers and businesses function in modern economics, as professors Rachel Pownall and Jaap Bos explain in the next video.


In the video, student Raquelle talks about the level of guidance during your studies. And student Sander talks about how he’s happy he did the exchange programme: “It really takes you out of your comfort zone.”

Scroll down and go behind the scenes. Take over the controls and have a look inside UM’s School of Business and Economics.

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