Maastricht Science Programme


Build a unique academic profile based on your personal interests and ambitions

A new, hands-on approach to natural sciences in which you think like an academic and work like a professional.

The programme offers Natural Sciences students a great deal of freedom. This includes the opportunity to combine multiple disciplines in a single degree.


It is taught at the UM Faculty of Science and Engineering, which is housed in a  newly renovated building in Randwijck at Paul Henri Spaaklaan 1.

​Hit Play and get a feel for the atmosphere

The programme offers an open curriculum (which you put together), individual guidance and research-based learning, as one of the tutors, Dr Roy Erkens, explains in the following video.


In it, you will meet first-year student Liline Fermin and recent graduate Tobie van Zwieten, who are both happy to have chosen the Maastricht Science Programme.


Learn more about Maastricht Science Programme at UM

MSP recently moved to this newly renovated building. Scroll down and have a look at the faculty area.

Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge. Learn more about the programme at UM.

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