Helping and healing people – we offer a hands-on bachelor’s programme right from the start

You’ll come into contact with patients early on in your studies and take skills labs, where you practice medical and practical skills.

You can follow the bachelor’s programme in Dutch or in English by choosing the International Track in Medicine.


The  programme is taught at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences.


Each study programme at the campus is health-related, and the classrooms are only a stone’s throw away from the academic hospital and the UM Sports Centre.

​Hit Play and get a feel for the atmosphere

So, what is so unique about the bachelor’s programme in Medicine at Maastricht University?


“Apart from learning the medical basics, students also practise ‘soft’ skills such as communicating with patients and teamwork”, says programme coordinator Judith Sieben in the subtitled video below.


About those medical basics:in Maastricht, you get to practise medical skills from day one. First on each other and on simulated patients, then in year 3 on real patients in the hospital.


Scroll down for a video in which medical students Kayleigh and Arlette tell you more about this.


They also explain two other unique aspects of the Medicine programme in Maastricht: Problem-Based Learning and internships abroad.

Learn more about Medicine at UM

Take over the controls and have a look inside the faculty.

Get ready to work in a hospital as a resident physician. Learn more about the programme at UM.

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