Regenerative Medicine and Technology

Develop methods that trigger the body to repair or renew itself

Gain all the multidisciplinary knowledge and skills needed to design and market innovative solutions in healthcare.

Regenerative medicine focuses on healing chronic diseases by repairing, replacing or restoring ill or damaged tissue and organs instead of merely treating disease symptoms.

By conducting research and applying state-of-the-art technologies, you will learn to design methods that allow the body to repair itself. The study programme has increasing relevance in our ageing population.


Taught in English, this three-year programme will start in September on condition of a positive accreditation by NVAO, the independent Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders.


  1. During the first year, you learn the basics of science, engineering and medicine. You will train academic, professional and lab skills and explore research projects.

  2. In the second year, you will apply what you have learned in real-life research, studying how tissues and materials interact and simulating complex biological systems to enhance the regeneration process.

  3. In the final year, you’ll choose a minor and a graduation project, and write your thesis.


The bachelor’s programme is offered by the UM Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences in collaboration with the University Hospital Maastricht and professionals from the industry.

Entry requirements: the equivalent of a Dutch VWO diploma including chemistry, physics, advanced mathematics and biology.

Registration deadline: 1 July.

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Your future

You will build bridges between science, technology, healthcare and health. You speak the different languages of various experts and know how to market your regeneration-based solutions.

Career prospects include biomedical product engineer, research & development scientist and business developer. Demand for these positions will be high in the coming years.

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