Regenerative Medicine and Technology (ENG)

The bachelor’s programme in short:


Bridge science, technology and healthcare to design innovative methods for repairing, replacing or restoring damaged tissues and organs.


Contribute to a more sustainable future by developing regeneration-based therapies that may cure many chronic diseases and not merely treat their symptoms.

This bachelor’s programme is for you if you…


• Enjoy integrating biology, chemistry and engineering in the lab

• Wish to research how to translate cell differentiation to tissue growth and organ regeneration.

• Feel passionate about developing novel technologies to enhance the human body’s natural healing ability.

Your future career


Graduates are envisioned to start their careers and make a contribution to the design and development of innovative solutions for healthcare as a technical or scientific researcher, process development engineer, (bio)medical device developer, tissue engineer, cell therapy specialist or clinical research associate.

Possible subsequent master’s programmes include:


• Systems Biology

• Biobased Materials

• Biomedical Engineering

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