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Tax Law (ENG)

The bachelor’s programme in short:  

The Tax Law programme focuses on studying legislation and regulations related to taxes.


You’ll take financial courses such as wage and income tax, as well as (international) tax law, but also other legal fields such as Private, Administrative, and Constitutional Law.

This bachelor’s programme is for you if you…


• If you are interested in the tax system and how it is regulated by law,

• If you want to analyse tax legislation in the context of current societal issues,

• If, for example, you aspire to work as a tax advisor or as a tax expert for the government.

Your future career


The average graduate of Tax Law, who has pursued a master’s degree after completing their bachelor’s, quickly finds a job after finishing their studies, such as a tax advisor, corporate lawyer, or in the legal profession.


Possible master’s programmes include:


• Fiscaal Recht
• International and European Tax Law
• Nederlands Recht

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More about Tax Law at Maastricht University.

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