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University College Venlo (ENG)

The bachelor’s programme in short:


At University College Venlo, you will work alongside us to create food that is healthy for both people and the planet.


You will learn through cutting-edge scientific and technological developments and become an expert in the field of a green and future-proof society.

This bachelor’s programme is for you if you…


· Have a passion for health, nutrition, business, and a sustainable planet.

· Want to choose a multidisciplinary curriculum with courses on sustainability, health, and/or the (production) of food.

· Want a small scale with a lot of attention from your teachers.

Your future career


After completing your bachelor’s degree, you can work as an expert for a (self-owned) company, government, or research institution. Your work focuses on all aspects of the transition to a more sustainable world. No matter where you are going to work, you will be the driving force behind the transition.


Possible subsequent master’s programmes at Maastricht University include:


· Health Food Innovation Management

· Global Supply Chain Management and Change

· Biomedical Sciences

University College Venlo is unique. Learn more about the programme at UM.

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