Digital facilities at Maastricht University


You will have access to our digital facilities when you decide to become a student at Maastricht University.

Your personal student environment is called My UM. Curious how it works?


Scroll down to learn more.

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The Student Portal of Maastricht University is a personalised, all-in-one platform with study-related information.


Here, you can find an overview of your timetable for each period, register for your courses, find a direct link to your student email, and check your grades.

Moreover, the portal allows course coordinators to send updates. It’s also where you upload point for take-home exams and group presentations. No worries! It’s very easy to get used to.


Our advice: become good friends with the Student Portal and check it every day.


This will help you to not miss important deadlines, and to stay updated about changes and important information.


During the introduction weeks, students get detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use Student Portal.


Don’t worry if you don’t quite understand every step the first time around; the more you log in and get familiar with the platform, the easier it will be to use it.