Becoming a student at Maastricht University isn’t just about studying and getting good grades.


Sometimes, you also need to take some time to unwind. One excellent way to do this is by getting in a good workout.

The brand-new University Sports Centre is the place where students, employees and alumni get together to work out at student-friendly prices.


Curious what the centre looks like? Scroll down, watch the video and take a virtual tour.

Watch our Sports centre in action

From Zumba and ClubPower to Ultimate Frisbee and Fencing – with more than 50 indoor- and outdoor sports to choose from, UM SPORTS offers something for everyone. All activities are offered in both English and Dutch, so everyone can join in.


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In addition to UM SPORTS, Maastricht also has almost 30 student sports associations. These are independent: run by students, for students.


This video introduces all of our sports associations.

Hit play to watch our sports associations

Click here to learn more about what students can get out of the UM Sports Centre.