Welcome to our virtual tour. We’re glad that you’re considering coming to study with us.


Before you start exploring our programmes, let’s sum up a few things you need to know about studying at Maastricht University.


Prof. dr. Rianne Letschert
President of Maastricht University

1. You’ll use Problem-Based Learning (PBL)


Its’a hands-on learning method in which you’ll shape your own learning experience.

You’ll work with your fellow students on real-world issues, actively developing knowledge and solutions.



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2. You’ll get a high-quality education


According to several rankings, Maastricht University

is one of the best young universities in the world.



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3. You’ll study in a truly international environment


With more than 50% of our students and 35% of our staff coming from abroad, you’ll study

international topics from many different perspectives, in English, of course.



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4: You’ll love your new home away from home


Maastricht has a charming city centre with more than 400 cafés and restaurants.


Rooms are relatively cheap and readily available and the city is located central in Europe – ideal for travel. What’s not to love?



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